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Residential, Hospitality & Commercial

Outdoor Furniture

Download our catalog by category, you will find that we can produce a large variety of items for your business and provide you with the highest quality materials that will endure any high traffic area. These produce are for WHOLESALE MASS production only and the manufacturing time may vary according to the availability of the product from 120-180 days. Buying requirements will be advised once the quote is requested but they are usually by container load only. These products are exclusive to our commercial buyers only. Hotels, restaurants, club house, large condo buildings, associations, resorts and many other commercial use products. Hospitality outdoor furniture can be manufactured


High end Synthetic rattan with solid welded aluminum frames and first quality finish. Perfect for any high traffic area.


These sitting areas are produced for balconies and to arrange them throughout the area to make cozy siting areas for your guest.

outdoor bar stools


Bar stools, cocktail tables and more for all your bar area needs. Outdoor bar furniture

outdoor living set

Living sets and sitting areas perfect for any area that needs to be finished with high quality products and create an elegant look that will be loved by all.

outdoor chairs

These are some of the favorites for all our clients, their guest enjoy relaxing in these beautiful and comfortable hanging chairs.

outdoor umbrellas

Top quality commercial umbrellas made from durable strong materials to ensure longevity. Made to order

Sunbrella Fabric

Our standard commercial manufacturing comes with TOP QUALITY durable Olefin by far one of the best fabrics for commercial use, Eco friendly 100% recyclable anti mildew and water resistant.

artificial trees

Make a statement in every room of your hotel, resort or finish the decor of your business with our beautiful synthetic plants!

outdoor tables

Huge assortment of dinning sets for your restaurant, resort or club house. Don't see what you are looking for? We can custom make your design and complete branding a full line for you. Minimum purchase requirements apply.

Roof Lounge

Finish the decor of any area with our beautiful outdoor accent pillows. Made with quality synthetic filling and durable commercial fabric.

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