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modern balcony furniture

Company Policy

Things You Need to Know

Any deposits made on merchandise that are not picked up by the purchaser for more than 120 days after the date of the invoice must be forfeited by the buyer to Outdoor Patio Emporium as merchandise was unsold and held for client during this period. Any deposits paid for custom orders or upholstery orders are not refundable.


All furniture and commercial umbrellas come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty, except for hanging chairs, cushions, fabrics, accent pillows, and decorations. This limited warranty does not cover: 1) wear, fading or shrinkage of fabrics; 2) damage due to alterations, misuse, neglect, or accidents; 3) damage or discoloration caused by light; 4) natural variations in the color or graining of products; 5) ridges or rough areas in wicker and aluminum; 6) Mold, mildew or dirt; 7) damage due to wind, fire, rain, hurricane and other weather causes or natural disasters. Failure to follow all care instructions, including but not limited to closing umbrellas and draining outdoor cushions, shall void the limited warranty. Hanging chairs have a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty

If you provide notice during delivery that the purchased merchandise is not free from defects in material and workmanship we will, at our discretion, (1) repair any components or merchandise, (2) replace the merchandise in exchange for return of the merchandise, or (3) refund the purchase price in exchange for return of the merchandise IF PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLY. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY DISCOUNTED OR CLEARANCE PRODUCTS. Floor sample products are not covered under warranty.

Commercial: Merchandise purchased for commercial settings or used for commercial purposes in any manner is subject to 1-year warranty on aluminum framing ONLY. This limited warranty does not cover: 1) damage caused by alterations, misuse, neglect, or accidents; 2) natural variations in the color or graining of products; 3) ridges or rough areas in aluminum; 4) standard wear and tear due to use.

5) damage resulting from wind, fire, rain, hurricane and other weather-related causes or natural disasters.

No Cancellation/Refund/Returns on commercial & custom orders. Commercial orders may have some color variations if materials are not readily available. Commercial & custom orders are usually completed from 6-16 weeks depending on the availability of materials and world events. 

You will receive a full refund if you cancel your purchase within 24 hrs after your date of purchase. Express/next day deliveries are not eligible for cancellation. Deliveries cancelled on the day of delivery will be subject to a restocking fee of 25% of your total purchase price. Custom-made upholstery orders are not eligible for cancellation, refunds or returns.

No refunds or reselections are allowed after delivery or pickup of any merchandise. When purchasing a floor sample package, no refunds or reselections are allowed on the package pieces once any items included in the package are delivered or picked up.


Delivery: Upon delivery, the customer must inspect the purchased merchandise. Deliveries will be scheduled within 72 hours. On the day of delivery, the customer must give a 4-hour window to allow for any traffic or weather-related inconveniences. Unless the client specifies otherwise, all express deliveries will be scheduled within 24 hours after the purchase. Our delivery staff will complete the setup; however, the conditions must be secure, and the weather must be favorable. Each customer is responsible to provide a clear path for delivery, free of impediments. Stairways, elevators, and doorways must be large enough to allow safe handling of your furniture. Please prepare your home for delivery by removing any furniture or objects that can obstruct the way or complicate the delivery and covering any vulnerable flooring with protective material. Outdoor Patio Emporium is not responsible for damages that may result from a delivery.

Customer Pickup: To avoid damage to your merchandise or vehicle, you must arrive with a vehicle large enough to accommodate the merchandise being picked up. It is your responsibility to arrive with the appropriate material for securing your loaded items; Outdoor Patio Emporium will not supply these materials. You are solely responsible for loading, unloading, and transporting your merchandise.

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